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Book your next appointment online or feel free to DM @ironmoes on Instagram for availability. Tattoo bookings require a non-refundable deposit that will be taken off of your total at the time of service. The rest of payment will be paid when your appointment is completed at the shop. Tattoo pricing varies based on size, location, detailing, etc. of your design. See terms and conditions in booking check out to see more information about payments.

$100 Tattoo Minimum

This is a $100 minimum PER TATTOO. We recommend reaching out for a consultation and price quote prior to booking.


We are able to perform services on minors ages 16+. PARENT or LEGAL GUARDIAN must book the appointment. At the appointment both the minor and parent/legal guardian must have state issued ID's with corresponding addresses and last name. Please contact us with any questions prior to booking an appointment for a minor. 

Deposit's will not be refunded due to lack of ID at appointment. Please ensure you have BOTH the minor and parent/legal guardians ID ready prior to your appointment. Without such identification we are unable to perform the service and the deposit/payment will be forfeited.